The future of the Meltdown



It's the end of the Meltdown Drags as we know it. 

Back in 2010 the stars aligned and the Meltdown Drags was born from an idea conceived in Koop's basement 5 years previously. We just wanted a fun place to race our vintage cars; hence the term we coined "vintage drag meet".  The Meltdown was the first event of its kind with strict criteria.

Our goal was simple, to get old race cars out of the sheds & barns, and back onto the racetrack for everyone to appreciate and create a real 60's style drag meet. That was it, oh and to have the most fun of our lives. The best thing that came out of it was the friends we made. 

As it grew, so did the amount of time and people it took to manage it.  As you all know,  this event has become more work than fun for the crew.  As a result, we have decided to take a step back and not have the Meltdown Drags 2019. 

We are not going away and we are not disbanding. We're just going to focus on building cars, racing them with many of you and having fun!

Just remember that the future is not written. 

We still have 2 other great events:

Uncle Sam's Pie Eating Contest in June

Fallout #4 in September in Rock Falls, WI

We will put any updates on

Thank You for your support,

The Meltdown Drags Crew