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June 2nd 2018


What is Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest you ask?  Well it is the first event of its kind that is a vintage drag race focused around Pie Crust slicks.  All cars participating must run Pie Crust slicks to compete.  All cars must be 1966 or older and have the appearance of a era correct car.  No burnouts, no dry hops, just roll up to the light and press the go pedal!  Tire technology was not very good in the early 60’s. See below for details on the rules.

Car count will be limited to 200 and cars will need to run 10.00 or slower. ((NHRA license and chassis certification required 9.99 and faster)

Email us: for more information or to register for the June 2nd race at Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois

HOW TO REGISTER Please email the following information to

Your info: Name, address, phone Car Info: Year Make Model Tire Info: Tire size, brand E.T.: Your best guess on what you will run (helps with classes) Class Type: Stock (very minimal mods from original) Gas, Super Stock, Factory Experimental, Dragster, Altered (if you don't know, we will get you in the right one) REAL cubic inches and small block/big block and manufacturer Naturally aspirated or super charged?  If you are new to the Meltdown Events or this vehicle hasn't attended a Meltdown event, please include a general outside picture, engine picture and general interior picture

*Additional information may be requested from the MDA. Remember the rules, no reason to get booted for not knowing.

*Exceptions: Please include a description of what does not meet the requirements and request an exception.

Let's Hit it!

Who can eat the most pie?

Don't miss the apple pie eating contest at 1pm!

It will consist of 3 rounds of 5 contestants.  No hands allowed.  The first contestant to eat the pie wins!  

Pie eating video


Event Day


· Saturday, June 2 @ Byron Dragway in Byron, IL

· Gates will open at 9 am

· Time trials will start at approximately 11 am until approximately 1 pm

· You will have the opportunity to have 3 time trial runs

· An actual pie eating contest will take place @ 1 pm

· Eliminations will begin at 1:30 pm

· Uncle Sam Stilt-walker from 1 to 3 pm (get your photos)

· Eliminations to conclude by 4 pm (or earlier)

· Fun racing until the staging lanes are empty

One of the things that will make this event unique is that there are NO burnouts or dry hops.  We will run a sportsman tree (3 individual amber lights before the green).



Are you into Vintage Drag Racing?  Do you long for things “the way they used to be”? Do you want to drag race your pre-1966 vehicle but want to have fun on a budget?  If so then the “Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest” by the Meltdown Drags Association is for you!  And we want YOU!

The Meltdown Drags Association (MDA) has become famous for putting on the largest vintage drag race in the world every summer in Byron, IL.  Each summer, hundreds of vintage drag vehicles and thousands of fans flock to Byron to participate in the Meltdown.

Now to go back even further in time…

Introducing the “Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest”!  The saying goes “As American as Apple Pie”.  And there’s also nothing more American than vintage drag racing.  So here’s what different:

Uncle Sam’s Pie Eating Contest – 2018 Criteria


After watching videos and hearing stories of racing in the 60’s, we thought it would be fun to create a cool and fun event…but we are NOT trying to recreate an era that has past or be period correct…we are creating an event that we think will be fun and with our criteria. If this event happens to remind people of what it was like in the mid 1960’s…that would be an amazing coincidence.


• Only pie crust slicks • No burnouts or dry hops • Heads up racing • Sportsman tree ALL CARS • All NHRA requirements are in effect, seat belts, roll bars etc. • No cars faster than 10.00 (even with certification and license) • All cars must have vintage style wheels (no modern wheels) • No 10/12 spoke wheels unless they are original spindle mounts • Wheelie bars cannot extend more than 6 inches past your body/bumper • Hoods required on all cars (expect for pre-1940 and alt/dragster) • No modern scoops, cowl hoods, wings, etc. • All paint jobs must resemble the 1960’s • No modern stickers, dial in numbers, etc. ANYWHERE on the car • No visible MSD boxes or other modern equipment (obviously no NOS) • No billet or modern valve covers, air cleaners, florescent plug wires, etc. (even if hood is closed) • NO 4-link suspension on door cars. Ladder bars and coil overs allowed.


 • Maximum 10″ tire width • NO monster tachs or modern gauges • NO billet parts • Can be an original or re-created chassis, but must appear 60’s in every way, including paint, lettering etc. – MDA will decide if car fits the event via photo entry. 2018 Uncles Sam’s Pie Eating Contest Criteria 2 • Upholstered seat required • Safety equipment must meet current requirements


(1960 and earlier cars and trucks) • For Small Block Equipped door cars – Maximum 8″ tire width • For Big Block Equipped door Cars – Maximum 9″ tire width • For Supercharged door cars – Maximum 9″ tire width • Anything goes class sb or bb – Maximum 10” width • NO monster tachs or other modern tach’s • Slapper bars allowed as an exception for 2018. You have one year to get Traction masters, cal tracs, ladder bars or something more vintage appearing • Full carpeted interior, with upholstered door panels including bench seat or 2 buckets required with upholstery. No diamond plate interior panels, no plastic interior door panels that are not factory, all interior can be either stock or custom made. Headliner appreciated (not required)

A/FX and F/X 

(1960 to 1967 cars with straight axles) • 10” maximum tire width for all cars • Full interior preferred and appreciated, but paneled interior allowed • Carpet not required • NO monster tachs 


 (any year up to 1967) • 8” max tire width • May have headers • May have traction masters • Full interior required • NO hub caps, must be removed for safety • NO monster tachs, aftermarket VINTAGE gauges allowed 


 (select 1961 to 1967 cars with stock front suspension) • 9” maximum tire width • Front seat/seats and carpet or rubber mat required • NO monster tachs • NO modern paint jobs, lettering or graphics. 

Hot Rod

 (Pre 1961 cars/trucks that do not fit gas/stock class rules) • Car must be a traditional style hot rod – NO RAT RODS • No mustang II front ends exposed on 30’s style cars (fine on fat fendered if look of car is appropriate outside) • Rubber mat or floor carpeting required no bare floors • Fabric door panels required – NO gutted interiors • NO billet items or modern tach


• Look of bike is critical can be newer than 66, but must fit the feel of the event • Pie crust slicks not required as they may not make them • Look and style of bike must be vintage in appearance, NO billet or modern items that detract from the bike • Must meet all safety requirements (chain guard, etc.)



Traction bars:


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June 2nd 2018

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